Holset turbochargers catalog 2009

Holset turbochargers catalog 2009

Year : 2009
Developer : Holset
Platform : Windows
Compatibility with Vista : Yes
System requirements : Windows, Acrobat Reader
Language : English only
crack : Not required
Description : Catalogue for the selection of turbochargers for passenger and commercial vehicles Holset.

There are various search options (by brand and / m, model and / m, engine model, original number and the number of the manufacturer). Extras. Information : At the time of publication catalog is updated as much as possible. Automatic update from running, there is no problem with versions of Acrobat Reader. Verified to work on Win 7 x64. No installation, just run Holset.exe of directory catalog. Upgrading program will ask you some credentials. There you can enter absolutely anything, to update and follow-up work is not affected.

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