Belts and repair kits GATES 2012

Belts and repair kits GATES 2012 [RUS + ENG] [Delta AT – author]

Belts and repair kits GATES 2012 [RUS + ENG] [Delta AT – author]

Year / Date : 2012
Version : 1.0.0 beta
Developer : Delta AT
Language : English + Russian
Description : We bring you the latest printout belts and repair kits GATES

data from an

official source on the web site of the curve interface source code, implemented in frames and

did not work properly in almost all browsers, removed and replaced with copyright, data tables

and rebuilt reindeksirovat. The catalog is distributed free on disk only among the Partners

Group “Delta AT” other interested persons are offered to download it here. catalog, as usual,

working in the window of your standard browser (locally, without access to the network). In

this directory, we first used the technology for visual effects jQuery UI. Try, test, speak

out. Attention: All data provided by GATES and the catalog is provided ‘as is’. Comments on

the lack of data, models, car, etc. goes directly to the manufacturer. Very explicit about

typos and mishaps can tell us, we will try to correct them for the next release. Holders

previous catalogs of the “Delta” text below can not read. Setting Run gates_setup.exe and he

will do it. Firewalls and antivirus Since your computer will install a small local web server

Tinyweb, some antivirus and firewalls can block the work directory. In this case, add the file

start.exe from the installation folder on your computer in the exclusion list (file

permissions) according to the manual for your firewall / antivirus. When you first open the

standard Windows firewall may ask whether to allow the operation of the program. Answer “Yes”.

But usually, the new version does not ask permission. Compatibility and Requirements The

computer must be set to any modern browser (IE7-8-9, Chrome, Opera, Firefox). The browser

should not be banned java-script, otherwise the directory will not work. For speed and memory

special requirements. Language Language (English / Russian) is automatically selected based on

the work of the query language of your browser


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