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Cummins PowerSpec

PowerSpec Overview:
Cummins PowerSpec is a free downloadable PC application designed to allow customers the ability to tailor the operation of their Cummins engine for their specific needs. The following features highlight the capability of PowerSpec:
Gearing Coach – provides recommendations and a calculator to help optimize vehicle gearing

for a specified application and load. Reading Engine Data – reads engine feature settings, trip information, and fault codes from a Cummins engine (requires supported adapter).
Configuring Electronic Features – provides recommended electronic engine feature settings based upon vehicle application and business

profile, and allows customers to change these settings on a Cummins engine to meet their specific needs (requires supported adapter).
All of these benefits (except Configuring Electronic Features) will be available to all users immediately upon installation of

PowerSpec. The ability to spec electronic engine feature settings requires help from an authorized Cummins distributor or dealer, and

can be enabled in one of the following ways:

PowerSpec System Requirements:
Your system configuration must meet or exceed

the following minimum standards in order to

run the PowerSpec application:
 Operating System: 32 or 62 bit versions of

Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8
 RAM: 500 MB of RAM space
 Hard Drive: 480 MB of free hard-disk space
 Port: COM port or USB port
 Browser: Internet Explorer 8 above